Silenus and Cherubs Pendant

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Silenus, from Greek mythology, symbolizes excess and revelry, often depicted as a plump, joyous figure associated with wine and Dionysus. In contrast, cherubs, angelic beings in Christian and other mythologies, are represented as innocent, winged infants, embodying purity and divine love. These contrasting figures highlight the spectrum from earthly indulgence to spiritual innocence in mythological symbolism.

Approx. Dimensions : 20mm

Approx. Weight: 10g

Each Olithica pendant is handcrafted in our Los Angeles studio. We use exclusively 925 sterling silver and fused 24K gold for all our pieces.

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The Olithica Distinction

Ancient Craft, Modern Mastery: Every Piece a Timeless Heirloom

Melding ancient techniques reminiscent of blacksmiths from 2500 years ago with contemporary craftsmanship, we produce jewelry that exudes character, grit, and a deep-rooted sense of history. Our creations appear as though they have awakened from a millennia-long rest beneath the earth. This blend of time-honored and modern methods makes our process highly labor-intensive. Every component is attentively fashioned by artisan hands, ensuring that beauty and strength converge seamlessly. As a testament to our hand-made approach, each Olithica piece showcases subtle variations in color, texture, and shape, epitomizing a truly unique modern heirloom.