Mucius Scaevola Glass Intaglio Pendant

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Mucius Scaevola, a figure of early Roman history, is celebrated for his extraordinary bravery and determination. According to legend, during a siege of Rome by the Etruscans, Mucius stealthily entered the enemy camp with the intent to assassinate the Etruscan king, Lars Porsena. However, he mistakenly killed the king's scribe instead. When captured and threatened with death by fire, Mucius demonstrated his stoic resolve by placing his right hand into the flames, earning him the nickname "Scaevola," which means "left-handed." His act of defiance impressed Porsena so much that he was released. Mucius Scaevola's story became emblematic of Roman valor and the willingness to sacrifice for one's country.

Approx. Dimensions : 34mm x 26mm

Approx. Weight: 10g

Handcrafted in Los Angeles with vibrant gold bearing ruby colored glass following an ancient Roman recipe, masterfully hand finished, and set in 925 sterling silver.

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