Minotaur Bloodstone Intaglio 18K Gold Signet Ring

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The formidable Minotaur, blending the fierce head and tail of a bull with the stature of a man, serves not only as the sentinel of the enigmatic Labyrinth but also as a symbol of overcoming life's intricate challenges. This iconic creature, set against the backdrop of a maze crafted by the brilliant Daedalus and his son Icarus at King Minos of Crete's behest, embodies the spirit of facing obstacles with courage and determination. Wearing this emblem speaks to one's own strength and resilience in navigating life's mazes.

The motif draws inspiration from the remarkable craftsmanship of sculptor Deran Wright.

Materials: Bloodstone intaglio set in solid 18K gold

Measurements: Approximately 17mm x 20mm

The stone and setting can be customized. Please visit our Custom & Bespoke page to learn more and request a quote.

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