Hermes With Lyre Intaglio Ring
Hermes With Lyre Intaglio Ring
Hermes With Lyre Intaglio Ring

Hermes With Lyre Intaglio Ring

This exquisite one-of-a-kind intaglio is masterfully engraved onto a blue chalcedony gemstone. The gem is set in an 18K gold ring. The shoulders of the ring are embellished with a classic "Green Man" renaissance mask motif.

The composition is inspired by a famous ancient Greek intaglio, once belonging to the 3rd Duke of Marlboro. The original now resides in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Dimensions : 3/4" x 1 1/4" (18x35mm); Weight: 23g


The Legend

At the tender age of one day old Hermes had already began showcasing his cunning nature. He snuck out of his cradle and had embarked on an undertaking to steal cows from Apollo. On the way, he expertly fashioned a 5 string lyre from a turtle shell. Upon finding the cows and hiding them in a cave, Hermes returned to his crib and feigned falling asleep.

Not long after, Apollo stormed in and began interrogating the young child. Naturally, Hermes played innocent and reminded Apollo that it was barely yesterday he first saw light. Apollo wasn't having any of this and took the child to plead his case to his father, Zeus. The king listened to Hermes' attempts to prove himself innocent, smiled and ordered Hermes to reveal where he had hidden the cows. Hermes obeyed.

Headed for the cave, Hermes played a song on the Lyre and Apollo became smitten with the divine instrument. It was then, the two agreed to exchange the cows for the lyre and where Apollo would become god of musicians and Hermes, god of herdsmen.