Farnese Hercules Glass Intaglio Sterling Silver Pendant

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Drawing inspiration from Lysippos, one of Ancient Greece's celebrated sculptors, this pendant captures the indomitable spirit of Hercules. Rendered in luminous amber-hued glass, reminiscent of ancient Roman artistry, and ensconced in 925 sterling silver, this handcrafted Olithica pendant serves as a testament to might, courage, and enduring legacy.

Dimensions : Approx 1" x 3/4" (25mm x 19mm)

Materials: Glass set in a sterling silver pendant

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The Olithica Distinction

Ancient Craft, Modern Mastery: Every Piece a Timeless Heirloom

Melding ancient techniques reminiscent of blacksmiths from 2500 years ago with contemporary craftsmanship, we produce jewelry that exudes character, grit, and a deep-rooted sense of history. Our creations appear as though they have awakened from a millennia-long rest beneath the earth. This blend of time-honored and modern methods makes our process highly labor-intensive. Every component is attentively fashioned by artisan hands, ensuring that beauty and strength converge seamlessly. As a testament to our hand-made approach, each Olithica piece showcases subtle variations in color, texture, and shape, epitomizing a truly unique modern heirloom.