Cupid and Psyche Pendant

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This is the story of the matchmaker god, Cupid and Psyche, the breathtakingly beautiful goddess of the soul. Threatened by Psyche’s beauty, Aphrodite ordered her son, Cupid to make the goddess fall in love with a horrendous creature. While aiming in her direction, Cupid became smitten and shot himself instead. The two fell in love. This infuriated the gods and as punishment Psyche was ordered to complete a barrage of seemingly insurmountable tasks. After a grueling struggle, she prevailed with the subtle helping hand of Cupid from the heavens. Together, the two overcame divine wrath and thrived on Mount Olympus.

Approx. Dimensions : 1/2" x 1/2" (12 x 12mm) - Aprrox. Weight: 5g 

Handcrafted in our Los Angeles studio using 925 sterling silver and 24K fine gold.