Solon Hematite Intaglio 18K Gold Signet Ring

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Embody the wisdom of Solon, the ancient Athenian lawmaker, with this solemn Hematite Intaglio set in an 18K Gold Signet Ring. The deep, reflective hematite stone bears the carved effigy of Solon, symbolizing the foundational pillars of justice and philosophy he laid down. This signet ring, a blend of noble heritage and timeless elegance, is a testament to the enduring influence of one of history's greatest thinkers. Worn as a seal of intellect and a token of refined taste, it's not just jewelry but a piece of history, a connection to the legacy of Solon's profound impact on democracy and ethics.

Materials: Hematite intaglio set in a solid 18K gold signet ring

Measurements: Approximately 16mm x 22mm

The stone and setting can be customized. Please visit our Custom & Bespoke page to learn more and request a quote.

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