Engraved Gems 4

A Masterpiece in Miniature

Elaborately carved gems were a staple of luxury in antiquity and often incised onto semi-precious stones such as carnelian or jasper. In the form of a talisman they served as extraordinary symbols of status and in certain cases, they were believed to provide divine protection. They were also employed as a form of personal identification when pressed in hot wax or clay. Rulers, nobles and wealthy merchants sought, collected and traded these fascinating miniature works of art.

A Rare Millennia-Old Art Form

At the dawn of gem engraving, artisans used crude tools and techniques to etch rudimentary designs onto stones. Throughout the ages, these carvers developed new tools and grew intimately familiar with the gems they adorned. Today, we utilize a blend of ancient and modern technologies to allow the metals, gems and organics to freely merge in a bold and harmonious installation. The intricacies of the expertly engraved motifs and natural splendor of the stones makes each gem uniquely special and your very own modern heirloom.

Crafted by a master.

Chavdar is an artist, restorer, jeweler, and master of the ancient art of gem carving. His extensive knowledge of gemstones and precious metals is complimented by a familiarity with more unusual materials, such as exotic woods, organic gems, and fossils. This unparalleled expertise accumulated over 40 years and distinct creative vision have made him one of the most respected jewelry designers in his field.

The Bespoke Process

  • Choice of stone: Carnelian, jasper, ruby, lapis lazuli, and more.
  • Setting concept: Ring, pendant, or stand alone gem.
  • Motif design: Select an existing gem, subject matter or request custom artwork.
  • Preliminary sketch and approval.
  • Creation: 6-8 weeks.
  • Delivery: Insured shipping service. Hand delivery available in Los Angeles County.